BB&T Securities

BB&T Securities is a wholly owned nonbank subsidiary of BB&T Corporation. Through our BB&T Scott & Stringfellow division, we provide financial solutions and advice to a broad range of clients.

Markets rise and fall. Portfolios fluctuate. Tax and estate laws continuously change. The management of your wealth is a dynamic process. Across this ever-changing landscape, your BB&T Scott & Stringfellow Financial Advisor can guide you with sound financial principals and an eye for opportunity and financial gain. Understanding that the path facing you and your family will change and change again, we provide you with steadfast strength and peace of mind in financial matters.

BB&T Investments is here to serve you. If your financial goals include retirement, your children’s college education, or your family’s financial security, BB&T Investments is here to help. We offer a wide range of investment options and brokerage services.

Tax Center

BB&T Securities is the entity through which your firm clears transactions, and is the Payer responsible to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for reporting your federal income and any tax withholding that appears on your Form(s) 1099. When reporting information on your tax return (such as on Schedule B of Form 1040), be sure to use the BB&T Securities name and Employer Identification Number instead of the name of your brokerage firm.

Tax information provided for informational purposes. BB&T Securities and its representatives do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax professional prior to making any decisions that may have tax consequences. The information contained herein is provided from sources we believe to be accurate and reliable but BB&T Securities does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.


To learn more about the regulatory and financial services background of the firm and its current associates, please visit FINRA BrokerCheck.