Disclosure of Order Routing Information

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Our Clearing Capabilities
Execution and follow-up procedures for your financial transactions are of utmost importance. BB&T Securities emphasizes the need to communicate investment ideas effectively to our clients and to execute your instructions quickly and efficiently. With one of the most comprehensive data processing software packages available in the securities industry, we are able to interface with all quotation and communication systems so client information is readily available to our Financial Advisors, allowing us to better serve our clients.

Execution and Route Reporting
BB&T Securities provides its clients with information regarding trade execution and order routing according to the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission. This information generally involves equity securities which are referred to as “National Market System” Securities. This trade information provides the opportunity for public investors to evaluate the execution quality of their orders and to view the venue where the order was executed. The execution information is compiled into electronic data files and sorted by security. This data can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlink to Rule 605. The Rule 605 report is published monthly for all the stocks in which the firm makes a market and for any given trading date, an investor can view order statistics to help evaluate the quality of his execution. By clicking on the Rule 606 hyperlink, investors can see to which market center his National Market System equity orders as well as his listed option orders were routed for execution and is published on a quarterly basis.

If you have questions regarding the information displayed regarding orders we have handled please contact us at webmaster@bbtsecurities.com.

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