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In today's environment, a disaster can occur anytime and significantly affect our Firm's ability to conduct business. As such, BB&T Securities, LLC maintains a Business Continuity Plan that documents the procedures the firm and its employees will follow when responding to any type of business disruption. Disruptions may occur via a wide variety of events or circumstances; as such, BB&T Securities has instituted recovery planning that is both flexible and agile enough to respond to even the worst-case scenarios.

BB&T Securities has executive representation on a Business Recovery Management Team (BRMT) that manages the recovery of critical business functions in a timely manner following any significant business disruption. If BB&T Securities, a self-regulatory organization, or an agency of the federal government declares a Disaster Event, the BRMT will assemble and operate from a Crisis Command Center. BB&T Securities has the ability to relocate essential personnel to back-up facilities from which employees can conduct business.

We recognize that technology and communications are vital to client service. As such, BB&T Securities' supporting infrastructure is maintained in two separate, geographically dispersed data centers. Both facilities contain redundant systems and communication links to ensure prompt access to client data. Additionally, BB&T Securities has an effective cybersecurity program to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats. BB&T Securities also ensures that critical service providers have appropriate data and network security controls in place to defend against cybersecurity threats and protect client data. Our goal is to help ensure clients' access to their accounts despite any disruptions, realizing that there may be circumstances beyond our control. We are committed to consistently improving our resiliency capabilities. BB&T Securities has developed a Business Continuity Plan and the supporting procedures to ensure customers will have prompt access to their securities and funds following most types of business disruptions. With regard to client assets, nearly all physical securities are held in central depositories or custodian banks. This allows BB&T Securities and its clients a higher level of liquidity and security of their assets in any type of business disruption.

The following are some very important guidelines that you may use in the event our Firm is operating under emergency conditions:

  • Primary contact: Your Customer Relationship Manager

  • Secondary Contact: Information regarding the status of BB&T Securities can be found on our website,

  • Tertiary Contact: The Firm has the ability to establish a Client Crisis Hotline to be utilized during emergency situations

BB&T Securities values its clients and is committed to servicing their financial needs throughout a disruption. BB&T Securities is equally committed to remaining compliant with all federal and self-regulatory organization rules and regulations.

BB&T Securities has taken significant steps to strengthen its Business Continuity Plans; however it cannot guarantee that all systems will be immediately available following a significant business disruption. Nonetheless, our clients can be assured the employees of BB&T Securities are committed to resuming all business operations as quickly as possible and continuing our service in a professional and courteous manner.

BB&T Securities will update its Business Continuity Plan and this Statement as circumstances dictate.

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